Prostitution kann deine Sehnsucht nach etwas bestimmten stillen

Are you sure about your desires?

Gay or do not bang

The Desire

Try to guess what brings together the escort models and Knights Templars? We all have a code of honor.
And one of the unspoken rules is never to disclose the preferences of our clients.
But I am changing the names and distinctive features of appearance – so no one will understand who is

The Meeting

A funny story happened to me in the second year of working as an escort. My manager said that the
customer is asking for a preliminary meeting and pays for it as an hour of work. Well, that was cool – to
go to cafe, beautiful and elegant, in my favorite dress by Guess. No heels, ballet flats and boater hat, looking like a carefree student. The man of about 40, bald and wearing glasses, looking at me carefully, as if I was going to take the
exam. And I am smiling and a bit embarrassed, of course, with professionally mastered gestures.
I’m ordering a wild strawberry tea.

The Illusion

He seems to be a manager, without any prelude and innocent chatter about life, goes straight to work.
C: “Mia, we need to have a serious conversation. More precisely, a plea. Or rather, I will pay you double
cost. I am very particular about my appearance – I happen to manicure, go to the solarium and pick up
means on skin care. I am tidy in clothes; I do not drink alcohol and do not watch football. So, my wife
suspects I am…gay. And same gossips do my subordinates.”
M: “Do you like men?” – I asked. He is strange. But the main thing is not to laugh, and to make sympathetic
facial expression. Well, he came with the problem.
C: “No, I was never excited of men. Just one of my friends says that my lifestyle is the first stage on the
path to homosexuality. And I’m a married man, a father of three children, I own architect bureau with
50 employees….”

The Gentle Man

He took off his glasses, wiped them with a napkin and put back.
And then I broke, as it were. I started laughing and couldn’t stop myself.

C: “Mia?” He asked.
M: “Excuse me, but this is absurd. Homosexuality is something more complex than how you fold a shirt or
how often you go to peeling. It’s a passion, a desire and love, in the end! I think you need a psychotherapist.”

But then I thought I behaved rude and not customer-oriented.

M: “Also, I would suggest you to listen less to the advice of others. But if I am to be your salvation, I’m ready for you tomorrow at 15.00. You will receive the address of the apartment.”

And I walked away, having left the unfinished tea.

Do you know your desire?

Dominating Clients – find you desire

The next day

The next day I continued to blame myself for not being able to take the wishes of the client, because we
sometimes are much more effective than any psychoanalyst. Men are more likely to discuss with us
their feelings than with their own wives. And sometimes they don’t need sex, but rather easy
communication, friendly advice, like to tell all your secrets to random fellow traveler on the train.
In short, I wore the thinnest pink lacy underwear, and took my magic black bag.
My gorgeous client still had no idea about its content. Meanwhile, I slowly removed the dress, swinging
hips, walked over to him and tied his eyes with a black scarf.


The therapy

Then I pushed him on the bed, got on top, and whispered in his ear "you caught it in the neck!" and
fastened one hand with a handcuff. He started to quietly moan, and I, clap, and tied the second. And
here is where I uncover the mysterious suitcase, take out the leather stack and begin to whip him from
the heart.
My beloved groans and squeals a little, and after a while…busts.
Like a teenager during nocturnal emissions.
I made the right decision; his passion to subordination was taken for weakness by his wife. But he was
so happy and promised that he will open-up to his wife and will propose her an experiment.
In general, the clinical trials established that the patient is not gay.

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